Thursday, March 31, 2011

Faces Painted Red

Every 4-5 days we shoot a warthog or an impala to feed our cheetahs in the boma. We drag the carcass into the boma and watch the girls take over. They slap the ground and hiss at us until they feel comfortable enough to grab the carcass and drag it to a shady spot where they begin their feast!
Warthog shot for the cheetahs

Armand dragging an impala into the boma

Here are some photo's from this mornings feed - Askari, Thulile and Bukeka.

Cheetah boma gate

Bukeka making sure we don't steal their carcass

Thulile and Askari going for the same tasty bits

A warning hiss

Bukeka climbing into her breakfast
These lovely ladies have become incredibly brave - I can't wait to release them onto the reserve and watch them fend for themselves! :)


  1. Meg these are amazing photos and I love the story line too.

    When do you think they will be released from the boma.

    Love u Dad

  2. Thank you Dad! Their collars are arriving in about 5 weeks time, as soon as the get here we will release the girls!